AMA #2

I saw in the group that your market is average trader thus the chart will be simple. Do you have plan to cater those who want more information on the chart?

As of right now, we don't have any plans to implement a more complex chart, however if we get enough requests from users, we might consider adding a tab that allows users to switch between the simple and expert chart.

Can you disclose the tech stack in your chart app?


How many years of experiences does the team member have in building web?

Less than 6 months. We are all fairly new to this and are learning as we go.

How much $DNUT do you plan on requiring for the premium tiers?

We havent decided yet.

Do you plan to provide/monetise the backend API for other developers/apps to use? (maybe stake some $DNUT to get x calls/hour)

Maybe, I think this is a lacking space so we could easily monetize the information we collect. However, this might follow traditional SaaS pricing.

Will you upgrade the alpha as you go, or will you save it all for a big reveal?

Yeap, we're going to use it to push out new features and keep the community updated. We'll be reserving big features for reveals though, so that there can be some hype around it.

Can you give some insights in the marketing and promotion budgets and plans?

We are currently selling off the DNUT that we have in our own wallets and using that to spend. However, once the final project is up and running, we will be getting our main revenue from ads.

How you are planning to increase liquidity for DNUT?

We want to incentivize holding DNUT liquidity by linking it with DNUT features.