AMA #3

Are there any concrete premium features you can reveal at this time? Any concrete plan to build liquidity?

The beta will be an MVP (minimum viable product) of sorts. Just a base platform for our users to use as a daily driver. It wont include any premium features. We are planning to release the premium features along with the actual product, in a few months.

Will the DNUT token have any utility in the beta?

Nope, we want to load test our backend and ensure that users can actually use the features.

Do the admins ever plan on having a more active role in the telegram chat? I understand you guys are busy now - but perhaps after release? ↑ confidence.

For non shitcoin projects, usually there is lesser interaction from the devs. We are trying to take a more professional approach where we make official announcements on updates and pop by once in a while to chat a bit. We will not be present 24/7 in the chat with full engagement as we dont see the need to 'pamp it' all the time. We want the product to speak for itself!

Please do more updates on telegram. On last AMA, I asked about experiences of devs and you said that everyone is pretty new so I'm kinda losing my confidence.

When we said we are new, we meant we are new to the blockchain space. However, all of us are developers and we work as full-time SWEs and ML Engineers. :)

are the devs doing this full-time or part-time?


any hints about the “secret project”?


How are you guys holding up?!?

Past few months have been rough, all of us are going through some major life changes. Things are stabilizing now, so it's gonna be ok :)

What color Lambo are you going to get?

Dev 1: Lambos are overrated, maybe something else

Dev 2: Personally, i would go for a red and black combo.

Dev 3: NFT Lambo

What has been the hardest part of this project so far? Most fun?

The most difficult part of this project has been trying to get the backend to work. As it involves querying a BSC node and inserting the data into our database. We had to ensure that we had top-tier reliability from our provider, and even then we had to deal with issues with the node itself. It's still a WIP, but we're trying to polish up the way we derive data!

Any revenue streams besides ads planned?

Advertisements are currently the main source of income from the platform. We also plan to start multiple business verticals once we can bootstrap them.