An upcoming platform with a minimal UI and a plethora of integrated functionalities to make crypto simple.

Beta out now!

Token Info

The one and only official $DNUT token contract:



Community Driven

Strong community consisting of like-minded individuals in favour of simplifying crypto trading.‍

No Tax

No reflection. No burn. You get exactly what you paid for.

Non Deflationary

Total and circulating supply of 100,000 coins. No burning of tokens.


May/June 2021 (Ongoing)

Launch of $DNUT

AMA #1

DonutCharts alpha release.

Connect MetaMask wallet.

Sneak peak of UI mockups.

CoinHunt listing.

TechRate Preliminary Audit.

User testing for UI/UX.

July/August 2021

Stocktwits listing.

AMA #2.

Search function for tokens.

Implementing Ads for revenue.

AMA #3

DonutCharts beta release.

Late November 2021

Sister token launch for charity.

CoinMarketCap listing.

TechRate Full Audit.

Expanding Social Media presence.

Blockfolio listing.

CoinGecko listing.

Trust Wallet listing

January 2022

Hiring members for dev team.

DNUT merch release.

NFT Launch.

Release of DonutSwap functionality.

Announcement on Secret Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a rug?


What are the plans for this group?

Future plans include releasing a DonutCharts platform. More details are in the roadmap above.

Why is the growth so low?

We want to grow slowly and steadily as we are mainly focusing on getting long term investors for our platform.

Why is the supply so low?

Low supply ensures no whales since it makes it harder to buy large quantities at once.

When is the Dev Team going to release xyz?

We are working as hard as we can and will announce any releases asap.

When Dox?

When we feel comfortable to do so.

Marketing Plans?

We currently do not have the budget for any marketing. Just Reddit posts.